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At the age of 14, my father gave me his old Nikon FM2 and practically overnight I became that eye-roll inducing, angsty teen that could not stop taking moody photos of friends and “metaphorical” trash. I have come a long way since then, I promise.  


To me, my images feel the same as a painter with a brush or a sculptor, chiseling a statue. I use movement and light like music, to add emotion. I love what I do and I must do it. Every human chases euphoria and for me there is no greater feeling than building a story from scratch.  

I graduated Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelors in Cinematography in 2011. I have been trained in 35mm, 16mm, and digital formats and continue to use and experiment with different processes throughout my career, winning awards for lighting in various film festivals. 

Starting out in music videos allowed me to begin creating a visual style that is rich with feeling and powerful lighting. My work has transitioned to focus more heavily in the commercial and narrative world recently, bringing to life emotionally charged and layered stories. 

Regardless of the piece, my goal is simple - to empower the director and to differentiate each story so that we can both create a game-changing narrative. 

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