At the age of 14, my father gave me his old Nikon FM2 and practically overnight I became that eye-roll inducing, angsty teen that could not stop taking moody photos of friends and “metaphorical” trash. I have come a long way since then, I promise.  


To me, my images feel the same as a painter with a brush or a sculptor, chiseling a statue. I use movement and lighting like music, to add emotion. I love what I do and I must do it. Every human chases euphoria and for me there is no greater feeling than building a story from scratch.  


I am more than just a technician, I am a perspective. The future of storytelling lives in the minds of new and unexplored vantage points, like mine. I am fueled with life experiences and offer attention to details that others pass over. 


Regardless of the piece, my goal is simple - to empower the director and to differentiate each story so that we can both create a game-changing narrative.